Our facility


At His Grace we work in collaboration with community leaders and local government structures to respond to emergencies affecting children in our community. We provide shelter and all the basic needs and requirements to homeless orphans, abandoned children (0-6) years. Our social worker works to create links for them to potential families for sponsorship and those interested to adopt them to their families.

Day Care Center

His Grace Daycare works in conjunction with the babies home to provide low cost daycare to the families in our town of Kamuli, Uganda. We provide a nutritional program along with preschool education and good manner training. Children are encouraged to explore learning through art, reading and play activities. His Grace is a safe and secure environment where parents can feel good about their childrens daily care.


We counsel and encourage pregnant mothers to go for HIV/AIDS testing so that treatment can be given during the pregnancy to prevent transmission of HIV to the child. Nutritional care for the mother during her pregnancy is taught and care for newborns is taught also. Family planning counseling and pregnancy prevention is given to all pregnant mothers. Prevention of unwanted pregnancies through birth control medicines and condom use is taught to these women. Sexually transmitted disease is rampant and so our counseling provides education dealing with this. One out of every two girls/women are raped in this country and so safety and reporting of these crimes are addressed also.

Ongoing Education

We conduct trainings for staff, caregivers and volunteers building their on their knowledge of proper management of children and activities related to them. Infection Control, Discipline and the Psycho-social needs of children are addressed in these trainings


His Grace Community Services Inc. is located in Eastern Uganda in the Busoga region. We are in the Kamuli District in the village ofLufula Ndizi on Brewer Road.
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