A new Home for the children

Why a daycare?

To save a child…

As a newborn baby boy, Francis was like any other baby. He loved to be held, he cried when he was hungry and cried when he needed comfort, unlike babies in America his cries went unheard. With no daycare and a single mom that had to work 12 hours a day to pay for the shack they lived in and for the food they ate he was left alone on a blanket on a wooden pallet. From dawn until dusk his tiny malnourished body laid there in an unventilated shack crying, soiled and hungry. Soon his cries became weak and then stopped. Francis had had a stroke. The neighbors reported the situation to the local social worker who took him to an orphanage in Kampala Uganda. The damage had been done. Without daycare Francis’s life was forever changed. 

His Grace Community Services daycare is committed to helping the under served in our town, by providing daycare they can afford. We will provide shelter, food and love to the children in our care. There will not be another child suffering from heat stroke due to lack of affordable daycare, if we can help it.

Lise Sievers adopted son, Francis, age 6

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