By his grace

We are able to offer a healthy, safe, and loving environment for the children in our care

Building a community of support for the children in our care.

Our Story

In 2012 Lise Sievers, came from Red Wing Minnesota, a small town in the United States, to adopt two severally handicapped children living in Kamuli Uganda. They would be joining 11 siblings from the USA nine that she had adopted over the last 25 years and two biological children. The american adoptions were all special needs kids from our nations waiting childrens programs. These were foster children with special needs such as HIV, ventilator dependence, developmental delays, cerebral palsy and seizures. Most of the kids were now adults. A friend had been doing foster care for these two Ugandan children for a couple of years. With no hope of getting the medical care they needed she was sure that Lise could get them the care they needed.
Francis was 4 years old and Sarah 11 years old. Both children were extremely disabled needing intensive care and many surgeries to ensure a good quality of life. The process was long but by April of 2012 the children legally adopted by Lise Sievers and were waiting for American visas to begin their journey to a new life. Unfortunately the visas did not happen as they were denied a dream of a life that could be free from the pain they were living in. Politics, personal opinions of immigration officers and a general apathy to the plight of these children stalled the hopes of a family waiting for them. As her adopted children Lise continued to support them financially and physically in Uganda.


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His Grace celebrated their grand opening with over 300 people at their facility on November 5th 2013.
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