Would you give a cup of coffee to a stranger visiting your home?

If your answer is yes would you do that for one of our children?

For a Cup of Coffee

For the cost of a cup of coffee and a piece of toast, roughly $1 a day you can change the life of these kids. We are a small yet skilled Children’s Home for that $1 a day these kids get 3 nutritionally sound meals, preschool education and loving care in the hands of our “mama’s”. Immunizations, medical treatment and ongoing medicines for the treatment of HIV, malaria , epilepsy and other diseases is provide along with the safe environment that these kids have been denied.


Volunteers for short term mission work, donations for supplies and operating costs are welcomed. We grow many of the vegetables we use and purchase fresh fruit daily and meat a few times during the week. Laundry is washed by hand daily and shopping done daily also as we lack the means to refrigerate anything presently.

Our Current Wishlist

Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Dryer for the rainy season when we can’t hang the laundry up, ceiling fans, two pedal sewing machines to make clothing for the children, toys and school supplies. Milk cow and feed. Most of our needs are simple and low cost some not so. Two laptops needed for the social worker and administrator to document all we do and a camera to have a picture record of those we care for. The smallest children weighing less than three pounds come to us in need of intensive cares. We do what we can but for those children who do not survive we have burial expenses. Loss is a sad part of our lives, but we can console ourselves knowing they passed in the arms of someone who cared.

Our vision

Our five year plan includes purchasing ten acres and building a home of our own (we currently rent). Our age limit now is 6 years old due to the space we have, but our vision includes a boys dormitory and a girls dormitory. A small church, a school building, a main house with offices and a barn. By growing our own vegetables and raising chickens, goats and cows we hope to reduce our operating costs and provide agriculture training for our boys. 

Have you ever had the opportunity to save a life? Join with us as children’s lives are saved and changed every day.

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